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Air Conditioner Operating Instructions

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Room Cooling

This is general guidance and should be read in conjunction with the model operating instructions.

Most portable air conditioners have air filters to remove dust from the air before it circulates though the heat exchangers within the machine. The most common cause of loss of performance is blocked filters which restrict the air flow and hence the air cooling performance.

All air conditioners have the facility to operate in FAN ONLY mode and clearly this does not cool the area. Check that the unit is set to COOL. Refer to the specific unit instructions.

The inlet grills of indoor units need to have a clear flow of air to them and fabrics or furniture which restricts that air flow will adversely affect performance.

All portable air conditioners collect condensate (water) in a tank inside the machine. In most models this is automatically discharged under most operating conditions. In very humid conditions, however, such as hot thundery weather, manual emptying of the tank may be needed occasionally without which the unit will revert to FAN ONLY operation and cooling will cease.

The exhaust tube must be fitted correctly to the machine so that hot air is exhausted to outside and does not get re-circulated back into the room as this will have the effect of increasing room temperature rather than reducing it.

Further information on applications for portable air conditioners is available on the main Aircon Hire Ltd website.

Server Cooling

The requirements of cooling servers, computer equipment and other machinery differs from comfort cooling for people in that a specific room temperature is required rather than an improvement in comfort conditions. To achieve this when outside temperatures are higher than, say, 30 deg C is unlikely to be successful when utilising monobloc portable air conditioners. The danger is that in cooler weather the system will work perfectly well and maintain 21 deg C but as the weather heats up high temperature alarms will sound unexpectedly.

The benefit of controlling the amount of fresh air into the room which is possible with split air conditioners becomes essential to controlling the internal temperature down to 21 deg C. In simple terms this is because the large volumes of outside air introduced to the room as a result of the monobloc exhaust all needs to be cooled and where this replacement air is at 30 deg C the cooling needed represents a large percentage of the total cooling available. Thus the other gains in the room lead to temperature equilibrium at a temperature above the target of 21 deg C.

A more comprehensive explanation can be found in the psychrometry section of our main company website.

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